XBurn – Forever Young Nexgen Steroids

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Nexgen – 80mg Caffeine, 80mg Willowbark asa, 5mg Yohimbine hcl, 30mg Green Tea, 5mg Albuterol / 100 tablets per bottle

Suggested Dosage and Administration

Dosage will vary from person to person.  It’s recommended to take one tablet earlier in the day to test your tolerance.

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XBurn – Forever Young Nexgen Steroids

Xburn has all the supplements you need to burn fat and excel in your workouts.


Fat Burner Blend

Caffeine: can boost the metabolic rate and increase fat burning, but after a while people become tolerant to the effects and it stops working. But even if coffee doesn’t make you expend more calories in the long term, there is still a possibility that it blunts appetite and helps you eat less.

Willowbark asa: Reduces Headaches. The consumption of white willow bark may help reduce the tension from headache-related pain. It contains the chemical salicin similar to acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin.

Yohimbine: is a compound derived from the bark of the Pausinystalia yohimbe plant. Yohimbine supplementation makes body fat cells more susceptible to fat loss. It is also said to help burn ‘stubborn fat‘, like love handles, because the receptors acts on are found in higher levels around the oblique muscles.

Green Tea: Can Help You Lose Fat, Especially The Harmful Abdominal Fat. When it comes to actual pounds losts, the effects of green tea are relatively modest. Although there are numerous studies showing that people do in fact lose weight.

Albuterol: Can stimulate your nervous system and muscle to make you trainer harder, which can promote weight loss. … Because albuterol has a stimulating effect, some people try to use this asthma medication to promote weight or fat loss.


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