Deca Durabolin (Nanadrolone Deconoate)

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Nexgen 300mg/ml, 10ml

Suggested Dosage and Administration

Men 300-600mg per week
Women 50-100mg per week

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Nexgen Deca Durabolin also called Nanadrolone Deconoate

One of the most popular steroids of the last few decades, Deca-Durabolin has earned its reputation by delivering large muscle gains while aiding with joint pain and improving the immune system.

Deca Durabolin will always be a top staple in the bodybuilding world. Deca Durabolin has made its way to the top of the steroid list after it was introduced by the pharmaceutical company Organon. Why wouldn’t it? Not only did athletes choose this steroid because of Deca Durabolin’s profile of both bulking and cutting effects but also because it’s an all-around steroid that can be stacked with almost anything.  You’ll have good strength gains that are gradual enough that you keep them and while you’re on it you’re never sore.

When we talk about the androgenicity of Deca Durabolin, you will be amazed to find out that it’s an ironically weak androgen but strongly anabolic.  Deca Durabolin is a testosterone derivative but it is only a weak androgen due to a structural difference.  Nevertheless, Deca Durabolin has amazing anabolic properties and can stimulate protein synthesis very effectively.

Another benefit of Nandrolones is that it has a weak negative impacts on cholesterol levels, making it a great choice for users at risk for heart attack and stroke.


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