Nowadays, using or taking steroids is like a regular thing. Most of the bodybuilders and athletes use steroids to increase body muscle, improve strength, and body stamina. This is not a secret anymore. But most of the bodybuilders don’t want to be frank about using steroids.

If you are also using steroids either to build up muscle or to look good, you are wondering about, can I tell my doctor I am on steroids? Yes, definitely, because there are some legal steroids too, which can be bought with a proper doctor’s prescription, and only he can help you to treat any casualties caused by steroids.

Why should you tell your doctor that you are on steroids

There are a plethora of reasons why you must tell everything to your doctor, especially while you are on a steroid cycle. It will be easier for the doctor to treat you and prescribe some medicine according to your needs.

Be honest with your doctor

Being honest with your doctor is the only way to get proper treatment. You may have to visit your doctor for so many reasons. When you are in a doctor’s chamber, the doctor will ask you, many questions related to your problem, but if you are not comfortable giving him answers, it will be hard to understand your actual problem.

Without getting proper information about your illness, the doctors will not be able to treat you well.

Maybe you are using steroids to increase muscle growth and increase strength. But after using steroids for a couple of months, you may be feeling ill. It can be because of steroids or not. You must tell your doctor because it is vital to say to him about any kind of medication you are taking.

Once he has all the information he needs, he will be able to treat you well. If the illness is because of using those steroids, he will observe and suggest the best possible treatment for you to avoid the side effects of using steroids.

Tell your doctor that you are on steroid

Many of you ask, that can I ask my doctor I am on steroids? Of course, the answer is yes. You can tell your doctor about using steroids. If you think you should not tell that you are on steroids, it will not be a good idea.

Don’t hesitate to tell him how you are feeling if you are using steroids. Tell the exact reason and why you started using steroids. If the doctor thinks you should continue using steroids, he will give you a suggestion on how to use it.

Moreover, he will also let you know about the side effects of steroids so that you can use it correctly. He will even give you a proper diet plan and a workout routine so that you can avoid the side effects of using steroids.

Why would the doctor suggest steroids?

Steroids are not legal. Because after using steroids, the side effects cannot be unseen. There are some legal steroids out there which can be used for medical purpose. Only if you are suffering those particular diseases which can be treated by using steroids, they will suggest steroids. A doctor will also give you the proper dosage routine to use steroids perfectly. But a doctor will never prescribe steroids to use for bodybuilding or increasing muscles.

Side effects of steroids and reasons to let your doctor know about it

There are many kinds of steroids. Each of them has different types of side effects. But some common side effects are given below.

  • It can cause acne
  • It can be the reason for oily skin and hair loss
  • It can cause liver damage
  • It can cause kidney diseases
  • It can be the reason for heart diseases
  • It can be increase aggression
  • It can be the reason for the suicidal tendency
  • It can cause mood swings.
  • It can be the reason for unwanted facial hair growth
  • If can cause breast cancer
  • It can cause voice deepening to women
  • It can cause insomnia
  • It can cause restlessness
  • It can be addictive.
  • If can be the reason for tiredness


In this article, I have discussed the reason why you should tell your doctor you are on steroids. Because it will be a wise decision to tell your doctor why you choose steroids, just don’t hide anything inside your mind.

Believe your doctor would love to hear from you because it is his job to listen to how you are feeling to treat you well. Without having a proper idea about your mental or physical illness, he will not be able to treat you well.

Are you still wondering about, Can I tell my doctor IM on steroids?