Gaining muscle helps a lot to get a healthier look. By following some rules and regulations, you can get muscles within a few weeks. In this article, we shall talk about 10 best ways of gaining muscles. This article will work as a mentor for you. It will also help you to make a better lifestyle. So let’s start!

10 Best Ways to Gain Muscle

Building muscle is all about how you treat your body. People, as well as trainers, have found these ways extremely helpful—no more words. Let’s check out the ways!

1. Set a Goal:

At first, fix your target. You can determine the amount of muscle you want to gain within a fixed period, for example, 2 pounds per month. But it may not always be done. So instead you can work on getting stronger. Choose two activities- one for upper body and one for the lower part.

Set a limit for each particular exercise per day. Now meet them. Raise the limit slowly. Increasing strength helps to make your target more tangible. It will also increase your body’s ability to gain muscle fibres.

2. Sleep Well:

Sleeping helps recovery. Sleep more than other times. Take a nap for more than eight hours per night. It may seem hard to you. So, set the alarm for bedtime. Try to go bed half an hour earlier. Sound sleep will keep you energized.

3. Maintain a Food Journal:

Training your body will not pay off if you do not eat properly. You have to intake a sufficient amount of needed diet. It is better to keep a food journal. Maintain a daily log of your foods and drinks along the time.

If it helps you to calculate your daily calories, then you will be able to figure out if the amount is right for your muscle-growth. If you are not gaining the target amount of weight, try to sneak some more calories in your meal. 

4. Meals Per Day:

Increase the number of meals. Take at least five meals per day. Or you can try to have a meal every three hours. If you have anorexia, try to eat more times than eating much in one sitting.

Sinew growth mostly takes place on off-days. So eat much protein on off days. You can lessen the amount of carbohydrate in your meal. But keep in mind, do not reduce the calorie more than 500.

Pre and post-workout nutriment put a lot of importance. Include carbs in your pre and post-workout meals. Try to eat as soon as possible after a workout. The faster you eat, the faster the recovery starts.

Drink protein shakes or any energy gaining mixture during the break between exercises. The protein shake will boost up your energy level. Keep some snacks with you always.

5. Eat Healthily:

Maintaining a healthy diet is a must for building muscles. When you do the workout, your muscles break down. Then they are rebuilt. But this time more thickly and strongly. So you just need to intake enough protein to rebuild muscle fibres. Meat, fish, and protein powder are a good source of amino acids. Milk and eggs are good sources of nutrition.

Eat whole foods and healthy fats. Protein will help to make a recovery if only you take enough carbohydrates and fat to burn.

Eat fruits and vegetables much. They contain many vitamins and minerals. Greek yoghurt includes enough sodium, potassium, calcium as well as protein.

And of course, drink more and more water. Water helps to increase the metabolism rate.

6. Exercise:

Pick up compound exercises. Different kinds of lifting help to build muscles. For example, deadlift, press, row, squat, pull-up, etc. These exercises involve many muscles. It is essential to gain more muscle fibres. It also influences the secretion of hormones like testosterone in man’s body.

Body curling, leg extensions are also recommended. Do not focus on only one part of the body because muscle imbalance looks gaudy. Let the compound exercises constitute the base of your workout. Some of them like deadlift increase the thighs too.

7. Divide Training-time:

Split your training time into periods. So you can hit every part of the body at least twice a week. Try to switch to whole-body workouts. Do 2 or 3 sets for each muscle group. But do not over-train your body.

8. Maintain Routine:

Following a regular schedule helps to stick to exercise. It will help to keep figure out how much time you spend exercising and sleeping. Try to find out some more time to sleep. And manage to have a few meals or snacks more.

9. Be Consistent:

Depression and laziness are your enemies. Do not give up the gym after a few weeks. You may not look fit suddenly. Continue the gym in a regular rhythm. You will get results within two or three months of course.

10. Weigh Yourself:

Weigh yourself once a week on the same day at the exact moment. You can pick the time in the morning before your meal but after using the bathroom. If you are not gaining weight, then you are not building muscles. Try to gain at least half-pound more each week. See yourself in the mirror to make sure that those weights are not fats.


Forbidden Works

There are some things that you should not do. Firstly, avoid any kind of drug. Do not stay awake at night. Do not exercise too much lest you shall burn your muscle-fibres. And do not keep yourself hungry ever.

Know Muscle-hypertrophy

A clear idea about muscles will help you. Muscle is a kind of soft tissue, and it contains actin and myosin protein fibres. Muscles are of three types- skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscle. By working out and drilling, you can only enlarge your skeletal muscles. The process is known as muscle-hypertrophy.

When muscle fibres get damaged, the body heals them by fusing, which results in the increase of mass and size of a muscle. Diet, nutritional supplement, and strength training altogether induce the muscle-hypertrophy. Exercise also boosts up your smooth and cardiac muscle’s strength.

Happy Gym

Start from today and set your goal and make routine. Follow it and be consistent in doing exercise. Besides, eat healthy foods and have a sound sleep. All these ways will boost up your muscle gaining process.